About me

For over 10 years I was happily working in the music industry... In that time I got married and am now mum to two beautiful (and crazy) children. When the pandemic hit everything that myself and others before me had worked on overnight was gone.

Having wanted to learn to sew all of my life I took the opportunity in the first lockdown between home schooling and running around after the toddler and I loved it from the first dress that I made for my daughter. 

Fast forward to a year later, with live events still very much off the cards I decided I wanted to sew to sell. A good friend sent me a starter pack for cloth pads and I was hooked. I also paint and hope as things develop I can incorporate more of my artwork into the pads.

I am always happy to chat though anything period related and if I don't have what you are after I may be able to recommend another maker that could help. 

All the best and I hope you have a good day x